• Deflection resistant Polymer Plastic Grille

    Deflection resistant Polymer Plastic Grille

    Plastic geogrid is a stretched square or rectangular polymer mesh material, which is punched on a squeezed polymer plate (mostly polypropylene or high-density polyethylene), and then performs directional stretching under heating conditions.It is divided into one-way stretch geogrid and two-way stretch geogrid.The one-way stretching grille is stretched only along the length of the plate, while the two-way stretching grille is made to stretch the one-way stretching grille in the direction perpendicular to its length.

  • Steel-plastic Composite Geogrid

    Steel-plastic Composite Geogrid

    The steel and plastic grating is called steel-plastic composite geogrilles, is high strength steel wire (or other fiber), after special treatment, with polyethylene (PE), and add other additives, through extrusion to make it a composite high strength tensile strip, with rough compression, also known as high strength reinforced geostrip.