Polycarboxylic Acid Water Reducing Agent

Short Description:

This product is a powder polycarboxylic acid water reducer with high water reduction and high collapse type.In addition to the characteristics of the inherent powder water reducer, its biggest advantage is that it has a very excellent collapse preservation.It can prepare a liquid water absorber directly dissolved with water, and each performance index can achieve the performance of the liquid polycarboxylic acid pump agent, which makes it greatly convenient in the application process.The product is configured into liquid and is suitable for the scope of liquid polycarboxylic acid water reducer, widely used for the concrete construction of railway, highway, water conservancy and hydropower, industrial and civil construction projects.

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Operative Norm

GB8076-2008 Concrete Adxtures; JG / T223-2007 High Performance Polyarboxylic acid water reducer; GB50119-2003 Technical Specification for the Application of Concrete Adxtures.

Performance Index

1. This product has a good water reduction rate, has a good water reduction performance under the low mixing amount, especially in the high grade concrete (above C50) effect, its water reduction rate can reach 38%.
2. This product has good early strength and enhancement effect, and the early strength and enhancement effect of concrete mixed into this product is higher than other types of water reducer.
3. The product has the appropriate gas content, and can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the project.
4. This product does not contain chloride ion, sodium sulfate, with low alkali content, no corrosion to steel bars, so it can greatly improve the concrete durability.
5. This product has size stability, the concrete mixed into the product can effectively improve its shrinkage and distortion performance, and reduce the crack risk.
6. This product has excellent water protection performance, no water extraction, no separation analysis, easier to achieve construction operation.
7. This product does not contain formaldehyde, no ammonia release amount, is an environmentally friendly water reducer

Technical Indicators

Item, eye



White or pale yellow powder

PH value (20% aqueous solution)


Accumulacking density (g / l) ≥


Chlorine ion content is% ≤


Total base amount is% ≤


Sodium sulfate content was% ≤


Net slurry flow degree of cement is mm


Water reduction rate is% ≥


air content%


Sslump retention value mm

30min ≥



60min ≥


Compressive strength ratio of% ≥

3d ≥



7d ≥



28d ≥


Pressure urinary rate ratio to% ≤


Amount of change at 1h time, slump mm


Water output rate is% ≤


Condenstime difference (standard type) min

initial set



final set


Shtraction ratio% ≤


Relative durability index was% 200 times

Depending on the Works situation

Rust effect of steel reinforcement

not have

Methods And Precautions

1. Recommended mixing amount: 0.6~2.5% (calculated from the gel material, this mixing amount is the recommended mixing amount, and the precise proportion should be finally determined after the coordination ratio test according to the actual situation).
2. This product can be added to the mixer simultaneously with the mixing water to control the measurement error inWithin 1% and extended mixing time for 30s, water in solution should be deducted from the mixing water.
3. This product shall not be reused with the naphthalene water reducer, and attention should be paid to washing out the storage tank when replacing the admixture.
4. This product is bottled and should be stored in a cool and dry environment of 0-40℃, pay attention to waterproof, damage and shelf life of one year.

Technical Service

1. Our company can provide relevant technical services to concrete engineering.
2. According to the needs of the partner, our company can provide technical services such as concrete mix ratio design, construction process optimization (accelerated construction period and cost saving), construction process control, concrete maintenance and treatment and other related technical services.

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