Environmental Friendly Water-based Mould Release Agent

Short Description:

This product is an environmentally friendly molding agent designed for prefabricated concrete component forming process, using natural environmental protection materials, natural decomposition and pollution-free, with excellent transfer performance, high stability, molding layer is very smooth, good wear resistance, formed molding layer is very thin can withstand 250℃ high temperature, can be steamed, not transferred to the product surface, can reduce the dirt on the mold surface.At the same time, it can also make the metal mold and concrete have good lubricity, and reduce the cost of mold maintenance.

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Performance Characteristics

Natural environmental protection
1). The P H value is neutral and non-toxic, so it has no stimulation to workers' skin and no corrosion to reinforced concrete and steel mold;
2). This product is a natural natural decomposition material, does not affect the subsequent plastering or batch putty, is an environmentally friendly material.
3). Surface tension is small, easy to flow span and rapid membrane formation
4). With the rust resistance function, can protect the mold, its film layer is tough.
Easy to remove mold
Have a good isolation performance, easy to remove the mold
Reduce bubbles
This product can greatly reduce the production of air bubbles and surface defects
Keep integrity
After mold removal, the surface can be kept smooth and smooth, edges and corners intact, maintain the concrete, without miscellaneous color


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Dry into membrane time




Demodal performance


Can smoothly off-mold, keep the surface complete, smooth

The ding is smooth, complete edges and corners and smooth surface



Concrete adhesion




Rust effect on the rigid mold


not have

not have




Uniform, with no obvious stratification

Uniform, with no obvious stratification







dynamic viscosity





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Use Method

Spray method: choose the spray device with good spray effect, the pressure control within 4-5 kg, the mold surface fog evenly sprayed, each place must spray in place, spray evenly with scraping roll
Wipe method: wipe the mold surface with wet cotton yarn (unpeeling cotton yarn or cotton yarn towel) infiltrated with the mold liquid to form a uniform liquid film layer
1. Water ratio: After initially using 1:3 water (1KG mold agent + 3KG water) for a period of time, the water ratio is gradually increased to 1:5 (aluminum mold: 1:2-3 water ratio can be considered, and the water ratio can be increased according to the mold situation in the later stage).Please use clean tap water.
2 Adjustment: add stripping agent in the clean bucket, and then add clean warm water in proportion (heat no less than 40 degrees in winter). After adding the water is finished, stir for 5 minutes and apply the electric tool.
3. Spray mold solution: Before spraying, please polish the rust removal and clean the abrasive. The abrasive must be kept clean with no rust oily concrete dirt.
4 In winter, please run water at the ratio of 1:3-4 to improve the concentration of demolding liquid to ensure the demolding effect.
5 Apply 20 minutes (turn colorless and transparent) to pour concrete.
6 Production stairs to appropriately reduce the proportion of water, the Yin Angle must be painted in place
7 Try to use out as much day as possible after mixing the water, please stir well overnight and then use
8 Do not drizzle with water and keep it clean


indoor closed preservation, cold and freezing in winter, explosion-proof and rain in summer, do not put together with combustible products, away from the fire source

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