Exposed agent for concrete members(Surface retarder)

Short Description:

Luagent is an auxiliary material for the construction of concrete concrete pavement.Uniform spraying on the newly paved concrete surface and covering the plastic film health, so that 2-6mm mortar does not condense for a certain time, when the internal concrete condensate reaches a certain strength, brush the surface mortar, can expose the thick aggregate with a height of 1-3mm, forming a exposed concrete with rich texture and uniform surface texture.The dew depth of Lulu cement pavement is 1-2mm, and the dew depth of exposed concrete deck slab is 2-4mm, which can be controlled by adjusting the amount of Lulu agent sprinkling and washing time.

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Product Structure

This product is specially designed for the molding process of prefabricated concrete components, mainly formed by hydroxyacid acid polymers and polymer organic matter and water, for concrete aggregate exposure treatment, in buildings, concrete component joints, ends or continuous construction.There is no need for milling, digging, chisel, filing and other methods, the rough and solid concrete surface of aggregate exposed can be connected with the newly poured concrete into a whole, to ensure that the connection interface is firm and without cracks.This product is a natural environmental protection products, do not pollute the concrete products, can be thoroughly washed away with water.

Performance Characteristics

A natural environmental protection
This product is a natural natural decomposition material, PH value is neutral, non-toxic, no stimulation to workers' skin, no corrosion to reinforced concrete and steel mold

Second, there was no effect on the intensity
Luagent will only decompose and prevent concrete solidification that contact the product and will not affect the later strength of the concrete

Three dew bone uniform
The aggregate surface is uniform and depth controlled to produce a matte effect similar to acid pickling or sandblasting from the surface to a fully exposed aggregate effect at a depth of 30mm

Performance Indicators

1. This product has a good water reduction rate, has a good water reduction performance under the low mixing amount, especially in the high grade concrete (above C50) effect, its water reduction rate can reach 38%.
2. This product has good early strength and enhancement effect, and the early strength and enhancement effect of concrete mixed into this product is higher than other types of water reducer.
3. The product has the appropriate gas content, and can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the project.
4. This product does not contain chloride ion, sodium sulfate, with low alkali content, no corrosion to steel bars, so it can greatly improve the concrete durability.
5. This product has size stability, the concrete mixed into the product can effectively improve its shrinkage and distortion performance, and reduce the crack risk.
6. This product has excellent water protection performance, no water extraction, no separation analysis, easier to achieve construction operation.
7. This product does not contain formaldehyde, no ammonia release amount, is an environmentally friendly water reducer

Usage Method

Liquid agent can atomize the nozzle at certain pressure and sprinkle evenly on the concrete surface.The spraying operation can also be done by using simple spraying equipment, for example, air compressor with suitable nozzle, or car wash water gun with appropriate nozzle, its atomization effect and spraying speed can meet the requirements.For a relatively wide bridge deck, the spray gun power is large.
1 Brush the agent evenly on the formwork corresponding to the concrete requiring it, and then conduct concrete pouring and vibration
2 After the removal of concrete components, the concrete surface that requires calcium carbide shall be washed with high pressure water

Matters Need Attention:

1 Special personnel shall be arranged to brush this product, which shall be uniform and not leaked. The thickness of calcium carbide coating is proportional to the thickness of calcium carbide
2. After the template brush this product, the placement time should not be too long, if the placement time is too long, Lulu agent has been dried into a solid film, please brush again before use
3 Using this product, concrete components natural maintenance and steaming can be used
4 Due to different construction environment and cement varieties, please do a test to determine the brush thickness before use
5 It is strictly prohibited to use the boulders as a cement additive
6 The Dew agent has a certain consistency and precipitation. Stir it evenly before use. In order to ensure that the spraying speed keeps up with the construction progress, it is recommended to prepare another set of spraying equipment to prevent the delay due to equipment failure in the construction process
7 If the slag drop occurs in the site product washing, the washing should be stopped immediately and continue with film maintenance
8 Proposing agent can also be used for the production of concrete decorative surface, control the depth of exposed aggregate, let the concrete surface exposed the aggregate, to achieve the design decorative effect, especially plus only the specific aggregate of the decorative layer
9 Packaging: This product is 50KG / barrel or 220KG / barrel with a shelf life of room temperature of 12 months and kept in a cool and dry place to avoid rain, high temperature and freezing

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