Oil demolding agent

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This release agent is suitable for: steel formwork, aluminum formwork, plastic formwork, bamboo and wood formwork

CB-1B release agent is a white or light yellow emulsion, PH value is neutral, non-toxic and harmless, no irritation to human skin, no corrosion to reinforced concrete and metal formwork.This release agent has good isolation performance and is easy to remove mold after concrete forming.The use of this mold release agent can greatly reduce the production of concrete surface bubbles and defects, and improve the concrete surface smoothness, to ensure the smooth and smooth concrete surface.This product is especially suitable for prefabricated wall board, overlapping board.

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Dilution method: transfer the water to the desired concentration, and please stir well. The is diluted with clean water and sprayed on the surface of the mold. The specific dilution ratio of should be selected according to the difficulty of release molding of silicone products. Even the amount of release agent sprayed in the process of use will not cause bad appearance phenomena such as whitening, crack, watermark, oil and other surface of the product after forming oil release agent use method is simple, brush up directly, pouring concrete can be

Common problems encountered during the use of the mold release agent

1. Ineven injection- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -improved coating

2. Spray flow- - - - - - -adjust the spraying amount

3. Wipe- - - - - - - - - - - - -select release agent hardness and solvent system

4. Evaporation- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -solid separation solubility or solvent solubility is different, orange peel phenomenon, evaporation when the solid precipitation can not form a uniform skin film, adjust the dispersant and solvent

5. Product shrinkage- - - - -shrinkage stress exceeds tension resistance, concentric marks, mainly choose material shrinkage, injection pressure and other adjustments

6. Bubble- - - - - - - - - - - -the product surface has many small bubble pits, raw material problems or release agent foaming performance, the gap between the release agent and mold into the air or the mold surface is rough, improve the hardness of release agent

7. Heat capacity of mold material- - - -mold reinforcing material heat capacity distribution is different, different heat storage, high temperature reaction is fast, or high temperature dissolution of mold release agent caused

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