Polymer Waterproof Board/For waterproofing works

Short Description:

Waterproof board is also called geomembrane, used to 0.8mm thick geomembrane is called waterproof board, <0.8mm is called geomembrane, it is based on polymer as the basic raw material made of an anti-seepage material, divided into homogeneous waterproof board and composite waterproof board.

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Performance Characteristics

The product is mainly made of polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as raw materials.With excellent mechanical performance indexes of tensile resistance, tear resistance, high top breaking strength and high elastic modulus, the product width is 3~6m, and the weight is 200~1500g / m2It has the characteristics of aging resistance, good durability, large friction coefficient, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, nontoxicity, high puncture resistance strength and large environmental temperature adaptation range, and can be used in-50~100℃ coverage conditions for up to more than 50 years, with convenient construction and reliable effect.









conventional type

environment friendly

tensile strength MPa




Longitudinal 15 / horizontal 13

elongation at break%




Longitudinal 220 / horizontal 200

Right-angle tear strength is N/mm





Carbon Black content of%



tear strength MPa



Size change rate (vertical / horizontal)%



Osmotic coefficient, cm/s



Environmental stress cracking F20.h




Oxidation induction time was min at 200℃




Water vapor permeability coefficient,



Product Use

The product is widely used in landfill sites, sewage treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants and other environmental protection projects, reservoirs, DAkes, channels, reservoirs, diversion tunnels, water entertainment facilities, roads, railways, tunnels, airports, mines, buildings and other basic waterproof and various underground and underwater engineering leakage prevention.

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