Deflection resistant Polymer Plastic Grille

Short Description:

Plastic geogrid is a stretched square or rectangular polymer mesh material, which is punched on a squeezed polymer plate (mostly polypropylene or high-density polyethylene), and then performs directional stretching under heating conditions.It is divided into one-way stretch geogrid and two-way stretch geogrid.The one-way stretching grille is stretched only along the length of the plate, while the two-way stretching grille is made to stretch the one-way stretching grille in the direction perpendicular to its length.

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Product Characteristics

One-way plastic geogillates:
One-way plastic geogrid is a high density polyethylene (HDPE) as the raw material, through extrusion pressure into a thin plate and then washed into the regular hole mesh, and then longitudinal stretching.The high molecules form a directional linear state and form a long elliptic mesh integral structure with uniform distribution and high node strength.Such a structure has quite high tensile strength and rigidity, providing the soil ideal for force assumption and diffusion of the linkage system.The outstanding advantage of one-way plastic geogrid is that the tendency of deformation (creep) under the action of long-term continuous load is very small, and the creep resistance strength is much better than the geogrid of other materials, which plays an important role in improving the service life of the project.

Two-way plastic geogillates:
Two-way stretch plastic geogrid is made from polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) as the raw material, through plastic extrusion plate, punching, heating, longitudinal stretching, lateral stretching.Bidirectional stretch plastic geogrid has great tensile strength in both longitudinal and transverse, this structure in the soil can provide a more efficient force bearing and spreading of the ideal linkage system, suitable for large areas of permanent bearing foundation reinforcement.

Product Function

One-way plastic geogillates:
Enhance the subgrade, can effectively distribute the diffusion load, improve the stability and bearing capacity of the subgrade, and extend the service life.
Can withstand a greater crossload load.
Prevent the subgrade deformation and cracking caused by the loss of subgrade materials.
Improve the soil filling self-bearing capacity after the retaining wall, reduce the soil pressure of the retaining wall, save the cost, extend the service life, and reduce the maintenance cost.
Adding the geogrid to the roadbed and surface layer of the highway can reduce the bending, reduce the ruts, delay the occurrence time of cracks by 3-9 times, and reduce the thickness of the structure layer by up to 36%.
Suitable for all kinds of soil, no need to take different materials elsewhere, save work and time.
Construction is simple and fast, which can greatly reduce the construction cost.

Two-way plastic geogillates:
Increase the carrying capacity of the road (ground) base and extend the service life of the road (ground) base.
Prevent the road (ground) surface from collapse or producing cracks to keep the ground beautiful and tidy.
Convenient construction, time saving, effort saving, shorten the construction period, reduce the maintenance cost.
Prevent cracks from the culvert.
Enhance the soil slope to prevent soil erosion.
Reduce the thickness of the cushion, save the cost.
Stability and greening environment of supporting slope grass planting network mat.
Can replace the metal network, used for the coal mine underground false top network


One-way plastic geogillates:

size of product

Tensile Strength / (KN/m)

Tensile strength at 2% elongation / (KN/m)

Tensile strength at 5% elongation / (KN/m)

Scalation elongation /%

breadth (m)






1 or 1.1 or 2.5 or 3









































Two-way plastic grille:

size of product

Vertical / lateral tensile strength / (KN/m)

Tensile strength at longitudinal / lateral 2% elongation / (KN/m)

Tensile strength at longitudinal / lateral 5% elongation / (KN/m)

Vertical / lateral yield elongation of%


































Product Use

One-way plastic geogillates:
One-way plastic geogrid is a high-strength geosynthetic material.It is widely used in dikes, tunnels, docks, roads, railways, construction and other fields.

Two-way plastic geogillates:
It is applied to various embankment and subgrade reinforcement, slope protection, hole wall reinforcement, large airport, parking lot and wharf freight yard.

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