Cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof material has gradually become the main new waterproof material for underground concrete structure waterproof plugging project because of its superior waterproof performance, simple construction, reasonable price, environmental protection and non-toxic and other reasons.

First, waterproof is to fight with concrete cracks
As we all know, the biggest shortcoming of concrete structure is cracking, cracking structure will cause leakage, especially underground engineering, because of long-term erosion and surrounded by groundwater, once cracking, leakage is particularly serious.
Although the concrete structure construction by adding admixture can effectively control the early cracking of the structure, but the structure in vibration load, water loss and cooling caused by the settlement, dry shrinkage and aging cracking leakage is not expected.
The purpose of waterproof is for the late cracking of the structure of the leakage, is a preventive measure, that is to say, how to prevent concrete structure cracks caused by uncertain factors leakage is waterproof construction has practical significance.
Because of construction and other reasons caused by the honeycomb structure, reinforced hole leakage phenomenon, in the early stage of the formation of the structure leakage began, which requires the use of cement-based permeable crystal waterproof coating to reinforce the surface of the structure, the surface of the structure has been reinforced, in order to delay, prevent leakage again.

Two, cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof material application characteristics
1. Play the waterproof material waterproof and plugging the common sex. Permeable crystalline waterproof material belongs to rigid waterproof material, which has incomparable secondary impermeability and compatibility with structure.
2. Water is the main factor determining the depth of osmotic crystallization. The crystals generated by the waterproof coating partially penetrate into the internal pores of the surface of the structure through the intrusive reflux of water on the surface of the structure, enriching the crystal content in the pores to make the surface of the structure more dense, and a large number of crystals stay in the pores of the coating to absorb water and expand the dense waterproof coating.
3. Ensure the thickness of waterproof coating to achieve the real purpose of waterproof. The more waterproof materials, the thicker the waterproof coating, the more space for hydration reaction.
4. “cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof material” because of the characteristics of its active chemical permeable crystalline, with the passage of time, its waterproof effect will be better and better.
5. Easy construction, no need for another protective layer; Easy to brush, easy to construct, can be constructed under wet conditions.

Three, cement-based penetration crystal waterproof coating quality control
What needs to be mentioned is that to improve the waterproof quality of the coating, how much material consumption per square meter is also the key to do a good job in waterproof construction.
Especially for cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof materials, there is a space problem of hydration reaction. In other words, the more the amount of waterproof material, the thicker the waterproof coating, the greater the space for hydration reaction; The smaller it is. The limited space for hydration reaction is also limited to catalyze more active chemicals to produce more osmotic crystals.
So we must emphasize that the coating thickness according to the “underground engineering waterproof technical specification” dosage is not less than 1.5kg/㎡, the thickness should be greater than 1.0mm. To really achieve the purpose of waterproof, it is necessary to improve the quality of waterproof coating. Cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof materials due to the construction of simple and often easy to make the construction personnel ignore this problem, which should cause our attention in the construction process.

Post time: Apr-22-2022