High Strength anti-cracking steel fiber

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Steel fiber refers to is to cut off the fine steel wire method, cold rolled strip steel shear, ingot milling or steel water rapid condensation legal system, concrete mixed with the right amount of steel fiber, can improve its tensile resistance, bending strength, and greatly improve its toughness and impact resistance strength.

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Milling steel fiber
This product is high-strength ingot milling process into a rough side smooth high-performance fiber products.High tensile strength, good toughness and dispersion, and good adhesion relay with concrete.The mix per cubic concrete is: 50-100kg.

Connected steel fiber
Tie the hook steel fiber of a single steel wire with water-soluble glue, with the characteristics of high tensile strength and good toughness, which can ensure that the fiber does not cluster and disperse evenly in the mixed soil mixing, and can improve the impact resistance, fatigue resistance and seepage resistance of concrete.The mix per cubic concrete is 15-25kg.

Copper-plated microfilament-type steel fiber
Widely used in high-speed rail prefabricated parts, RPC cover plate, important engineering components, etc.It can greatly improve the tensile resistance, compression resistance, shear strength, permeability resistance and increase the impact resistance of concrete.The mix per cubic concrete is: 50-100kg.


qualification parameter name

steel fibre

Joint-end hook-type steel fiber

Copper-plated microwire steel fiber

tensile strength Mpa




length mm




equivalent diameter mm




draw ratio




Product Use

Steel fiber is widely used in road pavement, airport runway, industrial and warehouse floors, various culverts, tunnels, water conservancy engineering, ports, docks, seismic construction and other projects.In concrete is mainly limited to the expansion of concrete crack, so that its tensile resistance, bending resistance, shear strength is significantly improved compared with ordinary plain concrete, its impact resistance, fatigue resistance, cracking toughness and durability have been greatly improved, make the original brittle material concrete into a composite material with certain plastic performance, thus improving the structure of concrete, improve its service life, and can save engineering cost, has important economic and social benefits.

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